Our paint correction service is suited to vehicles which have minor to heavy swirl marks, scratches and other paint defects, it involves using up to three different polish and pad combinations, and this can also include  spot wet sanding for heavier scratches and etching.


Our first step is a liquid abrasive cutting compound with a heavy cutting pad to remove those deeper swirl marks, scratches also fading and oxidation the second step is a fine cutting polish and polishing pad to remove further swirls marks or hazing followed by the finishing polish and finishing pad to further refine the paint work to a swirl, mar and hologram free finish.


All our compounds and polishes used are free of any silicones or fillers this  garrantees the imperfections are removed permanently and not masked up.


it is then we complete a full isopropyl wipe to ensure a clean surface free of oils or residue from our paint correction stage it is then followed by a high quality wax, paint sealant or ceramic paint protection coating to protect the paint work.


We usually allow a minimum day to complete

Keep in mind there is no one size fits all to paint correction so most cases the car will require inspection for a quote.

(9 Hours +)


we take great pride and care of your vehicle as if its our own

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