Body Armour 9H is an Australian brand with extensive testing and fine tuning of our formula done in Australia, to ensure it is completely suitable for Australian conditions.


Our climate is one of the most aggressive on Earth, therefore many ceramic coatings on the market that are designed for use primarily in other countries simply will not last through years of abuse under the Aussie sun.


This remarkable paint protection coating also exhibits strong defence from salt spray and salty environments, plus resistant to de-icing fluids used in areas prone to snow.


The Body Armour 9H hydrophobic coating will take the beating on behalf of your paintwork. Think of it as a second skin, only tougher. Depending on the make of your vehicle, Body Armour 9H can double the scratch resistance of your clear-coat. This means less swirl marks and less scuffing from accidental bumps.


With our busy lifestyles, people are finding it harder and harder to find time to wash their car, let alone wax it! With Body Armour 9H, you don't need to worry about waxing again. The only maintenance needed then is a simple wash and dry.


Body armour 9h ceramic paint protection package inclusions:


✔️ Snow foam chemical decontamination pre wash

✔️ High pressure wash 2 bucket hand wash

✔️ Wheels High Pressure Cleaned

✔️ Door Jambs Cleaned

✔️ Tyres Shined

✔️ Clay Bar

✔️ Single stage machine polish

✔️ Full isopropyl wipe down

✔️ Painted surfaces coated with body armour 9h ceramic paint protection

✔️wheels and windows coated with body armour 9h ceramic protection

✔️lifetime warranty







for body armour 9h ceramic coating paint protection:


                          stress test                                          hydrophobic demonstration                            high pressure water beading                 body armour 9h easy drying capabilities
















Additional Services

  • Outer Surface wheels coated - from $25 per wheel
  • Additional layer of body armour 9h - POA
  • Additional stages of Polishing - POA



✔️Permanent chemical bond with the exterior surface

✔️Can only be removed via abrasion, such as wet sanding or machine polishing

✔️9H pencil strength impact resistance  (highest possible)

✔️blocks 99% of uv rays

✔️High Chemical and acid resistant

✔️High salt and corrosion resistance for marine applications and salty


✔️industrial fallout/bird poo stain resistance

✔️clay bar resistant

✔️Extremely hydrophobic 107 deg contact angle

✔️Thermal resistance to 550 degrees

✔Permanent High gloss (unlike other coatings which need additional gloss coat which diminish in months

✔️Smooth, glass like finish




we take great pride and care of your vehicle as if its our own

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